mold damage cleanupMold grows on nearly any surface. Proper mold cleaning and remediation services are designed to safely remove the mold from the structure and contents without cross-contaminating uncontaminated areas. If you see any small sign of mold in your home or office, it is likely there is a larger source nearby. If left unattended, not only will mold damage your structures, but it can create a serious health risk for those living or working in moldy environments by causing illnesses, severe allergic reactions, and breathing difficulties. IMPORTANT – if anyone is living or working in a contaminated area that is immune-compromised, it is for their health and safety to make sure they are removed from the influence of the mold until it is effectively removed.

ServiceMaster of Germantown has the solutions to your mold situation. Our mold remediation process starts by having our experienced and professionally trained technicians enter the premises and conduct a thorough search for mold growths.  When found, our technicians will use specialized mold removal techniques and tools to completely eliminate all sources of mold. Once the mold source is eliminated preventative measures will take place, such as vacuuming carpets, sanitizing surfaces, and purifying the air of mold spores that may land elsewhere and create new growths.

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